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    TRADEAGROS is a trading company having approved itself as a reliable agricultural product supplier. During the operation period the company has gained the reputation of a reliable and reputable partner. We can offer you competitive prices, high quality, large volumes and reliability of deliveries in view of our long-standing and reliable business relationships with lots of large factories and farms. You may always contact us with offers for cooperation, export or joint business in Ukraine.

    TRADEAGROS specializes in different varieties of grain and legume crops as well as cereal products.
    TRADEAGROS is a safe and reliable company with its dynamic development.

  • Products

    • Roasted Buckwheat groats

      is one of the best sources of high quality protein in the plant kingdom.

    • Wheat

      is the most importand grain in
      world trade of agriculture.

    • Oat flakes

      Oat flakes, including cereals, are extremely valuable in balanced nutrition.

    • Soybeans

      is one of the few plants that provides a complete protein essential for human health.

    • Corn\Maize

      is the most importand and
      widespread grain in the world.

    • Barley

      this grain was one of the first cereals
      to be cultivated by man.

  • About Us

    TRADEAGROS is a trading company specializing in agriculture.
    Regardless of season the company offers agricultural products throughout Ukraine.
    We have already operated more than 5 years and can guarantee you speed, reliability
    and quality of deliveries. The head office of TRADEAGROS is located in Khmelnytsky.

    We are always pleased to cooperate and our main rule is an individual approach to each client.


    We deliver products not only to any city of Ukraine, but successfully provide deliveries by CPT,FOB and CIF as well.
    We load firm and well-established 20 or 40 feet long containers providing safe transportation. Furthermore,
    on request, we offer big-BAG packing.

    We operate in 24/7 format for your comfort. At any time you can make an order calling by phone to any manager of our company.

    Contact Info

    • Ukraine, Khmelnitsky, Zarichanska Street, 5/3, 411 Office
    • +38 (0382) 777 135
  • Contact Info

    • Ukraine, Khmelnitsky, Zarichanska Street, 5/3, 411 Office
    • +38 (0382) 777 135

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